BFA Graphic Design and Interactive Media

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design + Interactive Media combines design and aesthetics studies with real-world, practical experiences with the professional tools, technology, processes, creative skills and collaborative workflow used in designing for both digital and print media.

You’ll take original ideas from concept to finished production in project-based courses that explore brand identity, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), collateral design, advertising, responsive web design, experiential design, motion graphics and virtual reality – all taught by a distinguished faculty of artists, designers and creative professionals, many of whom continue to work in the design and digital marketing industries.

A broad foundation of liberal arts and sciences will give you intellectual exposure to the wider world of thought and ideas that enable critical thinking, creative problem-solving and the ability to communicate original designs, ideas and opinions effectively. By the end of the program, you’ll develop a cohesive, industry-ready professional portfolio showcasing your unique talents and your ability to communicate visually via multiple channels of media.


Program learning outcomes

Upon successfully completing the BFA in Graphic Design + Interactive Media, students will be able to:

  1. Implement design principles in all aspects of visual communication and design, from concept to final product.
  2. Utilize hardware and software tools and techniques of professional visual communication and design.
  3. Evaluate products of visual communication and design with regard to cultural influences and historical precedents.
  4. Apply knowledge of professional practices specific to visual communication and design industries.
  5. Exercise communication skills necessary to function in interdisciplinary teams and organizational structures.

Time to completion


Your career path

The BFA Graphic Design + Interactive Media program prepares you for a wide range of creative roles in advertising and marketing agencies, consultancy firms and companies of all sizes. Most importantly, you’ll acquire the essential, practical skills, experience and knowledge you need to develop your own projects and create your own entrepreneurial career path as a graphic designer.

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Choose your emphasis

Customize your BFA program by choosing an emphasis that focuses advanced studies on an area that interests you most. Emphasis choices are graphic design, digital marketing and interactive media.


The graphic design emphasis focuses on graphic design and implementation using a wide variety of delivery methods and distribution channels, including print, package and screen.

Using real-world professional workflow, students take original ideas, move to logo and style production, and then build complete campaigns. The curriculum includes immersive courses in typography, motion graphics, package design and branding to prepare students for creative careers in graphic design.

Career opportunities

  • Production designer.
  • Brand and logo designer.
  • UI/UX coordinator.
  • Art director.
  • Illustrator.
  • Web designer.

The digital marketing emphasis provides a thorough foundation in the aesthetics and design principles used to create marketing content and campaigns for traditional print and digital media.

In addition to the creative skills needed to design and create visual content, students learn to set up and run mobile marketing campaigns, work with modern SEO systems and data and use social media to help clients grow a business, launch a product or expand into an emerging market.

This emphasis is designed to equip students for unique, artistic career paths that leverage skill, talent and creativity to reach a target audience and market.

Career opportunities

  • Brand and logo designer.
  • Advertising account executive.
  • Marketing analyst.
  • Research specialist.
  • Social media coordinator.

The interactive media emphasis prepares students to design screen-based and interactive web and video content for distribution on a wide variety of platforms, including cell phones, tablets, laptop computers and large TV monitors.

Students acquire the skills needed to be front-end developers, using essential principles of design to make a product look great while delivering the desired user experience across all devices. Using HTML, CSS and CMS systems, students create interactive projects for web, tablets and smartphones and create HTML-based websites, simple applications and interactive products used in training and education.

This emphasis prepares students to become well-rounded graphic designers with an enhanced tool set focused on screen-based and interactive products.

Career Opportunities

  • E-commerce designer.
  • Kiosk interface designer.
  • Production designer.
  • Brand and logo designer.
  • UI/UX coordinator.



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